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We take over your post-production. Quick, excellent and affordable. With a permanent contact person and customized to your specifications. As a product photographer, a big part of your work includes the selection and editing of pictures. Optimize your workflow and focus on earning money - create sets and shoot pictures. Meanwhile, we will edit your shooting results, It doesn't matter if you need corrections, cutouts or time-consuming montages, the professionals at PIE are happy about every challenge.

PIE Select

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  • Selection of 20%-70% of the best images from your catalog
  • Editing process with Adobe Lightroom
  • Color correction, lightning & gradation
  • Brushes, filters, dodge & burn & noise reduction
  • Local adjustments
  • Straightening, cropping, calibration & sharpening
  • Optional: 36h express delivery available
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  • Isolation of your product images
  • Image extraction onto transparent background
  • Used for smaller image sizes
  • Perfect for catalogs, magazines, brochures, etc.
  • Optional: detailed cutouts with clipping paths
  • Used for higher image isolation quality
  • Additional options such as shadows or reflections possible

Photoshop Retouching

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  • Customized backgrounds
  • Editing of highlights, shadows & reflections
  • A composition of multiple layer pictures
  • Merging of detail shots
  • Photo montages
  • Creation of backgrounds & natural shadows
  • Individual retouch work
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Video Editing

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/h of material
  • Cutting in different editing styles
  • Fusion films from video snippets and photo files
  • Color correction & image stabilization
  • Slow motion, transitions & other special effects
  • Product presentation with moving images
  • Dramaturgy and emotions
  • 360° panoramic view as an interactive file
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