9th May 2015


Our post production service is for wedding, studio and event photographers that need color correction, cropping, straightening, image categorization and image selection. This service focuses primarily on color correction and does not include any retouching and is processed using Lightroom.

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We have 2 main categories depending on what the photographer needs:

The major difference between the two services is that “Essential Edit” focuses on color correcting all the images that you send ProImageEditors, while ‘Pie Select” focuses on selecting the best shots and then color correction.
Image selection:
PIE’s selection process includes removing the duplicate, blurry and out of focus images while keeping in mind the emotion or an important moment like the first kiss. You can also choose the percentage of images that you would like PIE to keep. To know more please see the below comparison.
Match your Style:
We ask our photographers to think of PIE as an extension of their production team and to give us enough information and feedback so that we can deliver the images as close to what you need. You can do this by providing us examples, links to your blogs or website images which will also be stored in your profile database for use on your future orders. We also provide the option of having 10 images from your live job to be processed so that you can confirm how close we are to what you exactly need.
Trial offer:
We encourage you to try us out for free. For this purpose we have a free trail of 10 images for you to test the workflow and also get an idea of what to expect back from us.


1. Essential Edit – 0,14 € per image

This service includes color correction, sharpening, noise reduction, cropping and straightening.


  • Send us 400 images from a 1000 images shot at the wedding
  • Pay for 400 images * 0,14 € = 56 €.
  • Save yourself 1 to 3 days of processing.
  • Get back 400 great looking images.


2. PIE Select – 0,11 € per image

Send us all the images from the event. We will keep between 20%-70% (based on your preferences). We will process the selected images by adjusting exposure, white balance, highlight recovery, fill light, crop and straighten wherever needed.


  • Send us all the 1,000 images shot at the wedding
  • Pay for 1000 images * 0,11 € = 110 €
  • Save yourself 2 to 5 days of processing
  • Get back 400 great looking images (the number you get back will be based upon your preferences)


Service Comparison


Price per Image Essential Edit PIE Select
0,14 € 0,11 €
Raw Input Files Yes Yes
JPEG Input Files Yes Yes
Image Selection No Yes
Exposure Yes Yes
Contrast Yes Yes
White Balance Yes Yes
Shadow + Hightlight Recovery Yes Yes
Camera profile Enabling Yes Yes
Noise Reduction Yes Yes
Sharpening Yes Yes
Vibrancy Yes Yes
Clarity Yes Yes
Cropping Yes Yes
Straightening Yes Yes
Lightroom Catalog or XMP Yes Yes
Presets Yes Yes
Vignette 0,010 € 0,005 €
Red Eye Removal 0,010 € 0,005 €
Black and White 10% 0,050 € 0,003 €
Black and White 20% 0,010 € 0,006 €
Categorize 0,040 € 0,020 €
Re-Number 0,010 € 0,005 €
Sequencing 0,030 € 0,015 €
Gallery Upload 0,015 € 0,015 €
JPEG 0,060 € 0,030 €

Extra Options explained:
[expand title=”Presets“] We use Lightroom-Presets that you send while processing the images.[/expand] [expand title=”Black&White 10/20%“] We convert 10 or 20 % of the images to Black & White. From our experience it is seen as an ideal percentage and is appreciated by the customers.[/expand] [expand title=”Categorization“] We Categorize and create collections of the images as per the program of the event or wedding. For example: “Church”, “Reception”, “Party”.[/expand] [expand title=”Re-numbering“] We re-number your images. For example: 0001, 0002, 0003…..[/expand] [expand title=”Sequencing of the images“] We arrange the images in a chronological order.[/expand] [expand title=”Upload Gallery“] We upload the images for you in your online Gallery.[/expand] [expand title=”JPEG“] As per your specifications we render the images as JPEGs.[/expand]