Image Editing for Portrait Photographers

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We take over your post-production. Quick, excellent and affordable. With a permanent contact person and customized to your specifications. As a portrait photographer, a big part of your work includes the selection and editing of pictures. Optimize your workflow and focus on earning money - get new clients, take pictures and sell photos. In the meantime, we will edit and retouch your shootings.

PIE Select

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  • Selection of 20%-70% of the best images from your catalog
  • Editing process with Adobe Lightroom
  • Color correction, lightning & gradation
  • Brushes, filters, dodge & burn & noise reduction
  • Local adjustments
  • Straightening, cropping, calibration & sharpening
  • Optional: 36h express delivery available
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Lightroom Retouching

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  • Basic retouches in Adobe Lightroom
  • Clean-up of minor imperfections and sensor dust
  • Optimization of flyaway hair
  • Minor whitening of the teeth
  • Softening of tear sacks
  • Optional: Color correction
  • Note: Retouch possibilities in Lightroom are limited
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Basic Retouching

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  • Removal of stains on clothes and skin
  • Optimization of teeth, eyes and flyaway hair
  • Optimization and softening of skin and complexion
  • Removal of redness, scars, and pores as well as basic clean-up
  • Cutouts and photo montages
  • Creation of backgrounds & shadows
  • Individual retouching
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  • Digital recovery
  • Repair of scratches & stains
  • Coloration of black and white images
  • Retouching of damages
  • Color restoration
  • Matching of different looks
  • Save your treasured photos
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